Dr Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

Heart Valve Surgery Comprises of Valve Repair, Reconstruction & / or Replacement. Latest Advancement in Valve Surgery with Minimally Invasive Approach makes it very patient friendly.

Senior Consultant: Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Minimal Access Cardiac Surgeon & Best Aortic Valve Surgery Specialists at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

M.B.B.S. : G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur (completed in April 1987. Passed all Professional exams in first attempt.) M.S. (Gen. Surgery) : G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur (completed in May 1991, in first attempt) M.Ch. : L.P.S. Institute of cardiology, G.S.V.M. Medical college Kanpur (completed in December 1993, in first attempt.)

Experience in Brief:

I had joined the M.B.B.S in Dec 1981 at G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur and completed in April 1987 with passing all professional examinations attempt General Surgery training started in May 1998 at G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur. During three year of the residency period, I had assisted/performed all major Gastrointestinal (including Hepato-biliary), Urological procedures and also had speciality postings viz. Neurosurgery, Plastic surgery, surgical Oncology & colorectal surgery.

The cardiothoracic experience started with senior Residency in Thoracic Surgery Unit at G.S.V.M. Medical college, Kanpur from May 1991-Feb 1992. In March 1992, I had joined M.Ch. program in cardiothoracic surgery at L.P.S. Institute of Cardiology Kanpur During two years of Residency training, I had assisted/performed various cardiac (open heart & closed heart), Thoracic, Vascular & Oesophageal surgical procedures. During M.Ch. training, I had spent one month as Observer at Institute of Cardio Vascular Disease, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai under the guidance of Prof. K.M. Cherian.

I am working with Apollo Hospital from March 1994, Hyderabad after completing M.Ch in various positions viz. Senior Registrar (2 years) Junior Consultant (4 years), Consultant (5 years) & Senior Consultant (9 years). I had worked as an observer at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney in 1997. During the last 27 years, I had had the experience of 27000 cardiothoracic procedures which includes a wide spectrum of Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular & Esophageal Surgery.

The Individual surgical experience includes a wide range of coronary, vascular & congenital heart surgeries. I have a special inclination for

  • Off-pump Coronary Surgery
  • Mitral, Aortic & Tricuspid valve repair
  • Tissue value replacement including Stentless Valve
  • Aortic Surgery including Endovascular Surgery
  • Redo Cardiac surgery
  • Minimally invasive cardiac surgery(MICS)

Career objective

To Establish a Cardiovascular & Thoracic surgical unit of repute with strong interest towards Endovascular, Minimal access & Robotic surgery.

Surgical Experience in Details

During the last 27 years, I have been associated with more than 28000 cardiothoracic procedures which include the wide varieties of Cardiac, Thoracic, Vascular & Esophageal procedures. The independent surgical experience now covers more than 8000 Cardio-Thoracic procedures.


Working hours

8AM – 7PM
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Dr Sanjay up close

  • Professional Membership
  • Special Training / Workshops
  • Paper Publications
  • a) European association for cardio –Thoracic surgery (EACTS)
  • b) Indian association of Cardio vascular & Thoracic surgeons (IACTS)
  • c) Asian Association of thoracic & Cardio Vascular surgery
  • d) Life member of Indian Medical Association. (IMA)
  • e)  Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), USA
  • f) Asia Pecific valve repair group (APVRG)

Endo Vascular Surgery – workshop attended at

  • Asian society of cardio thoracic & vascular surgery meeting, course director – Peter Robless 3rd March 08, Singapore.
  • Asian society of vascular surgery meeting course director – Dr. Stephan chang,           28th
    Mitral Valve repair
  • Amitra Institute of Medical science, Kochi May 2000, Course Director – Dr. Stephan Boiling.
  • Care Hospital, Hyderabad – August 2002 Course Director –Dr. S. Chauvaud.
  • AIIMS, New Delhi – Course Director – Prof. A. Carpantier
  • Asian Binneal meeting, Bali, Nov 07, Course Director – Dr. Van Phang.
  • Advanced Mitral Valve Repair course, Bangkok, April2010-Course Director Dr.C Taweesaak
  • Advanced Mitral course, Munich , Germany Nov.14 –course director Prof David Adams
  • Aortic valve repair course, Brussels Belgium July 16 – course director Prof G El Khoury
  • 8 th Aortic summit, Chennai Nov 18 Course director – Dr V V Bashi

Pediatric Surgery

Congenital heart surgery – specimen & surgery at Sydney Oct 1997.
Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Training – certificate course.

  1. Intra-pulmonary Teratoma: A Rare Case (Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci 2012; 55: 155-157)
  1. Amorphous cardiac Tumour of right atrium late after atrial septal defect Closure (Ind, J. Thorac Cardio Vas Surg. 24; 2; 129-131,2008).
  1. Physiological and Anatomical Index in reference to the management of Thoracic trauma (Ind. J. Thorac Cardiovasc surg., 11:27-32; 1995)
  1. Balloon mitral valvuloplasty with Bifoil catheter immediate and long term follow up results.

(Catheterization & Cardiovascular diagnosis, 43:43 – 47 ;1998)

  1. Elective Coronary Stenting – immediate & follow up results (JAPI, 46 : 263-267; 1998)

Paper Presentation: 

  1. Aortic Valve replacement with stentless & stented Xenograft, 17thBinneal Asian congress of thoracic & cardiovascular surgery, Bali, Nov. 2007.
  2. Aortic stentless Bioprosthesis – short & midterm results. 16thBinneal Asian congress of Thoracic  Cardiovascular Surgery, Bangkok Nov.  2003.
  3. Sutureless Aortic Connector for proximal vein graft anastmosis – an initial experience (49th, Annual conference 1ACVTS, Hyderabad – 2003).
  4. Endoscopic Radial artery harvesting – initial experience (49th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Hyderabad – 2003)
  5.  Aortic valve replacement with stentless bioprosthesis – our experience (48th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Hyderabad – 2002)
  6. Artificial Goretex Chordal Reconstruction – our experience (48th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Hyderabad – 2002)
  7. Pulmonary Vein Isolation during Mitral Valve Surgery – early results (48th Annual Conference IACVTS, Chennai – 2002)
  8. OPCAB Vs standard CABG – A balanced view  (47th Annual Conference IACVTS, Kolkata – 2001)
  9. Radial artery graft for coronary artery bypass surgery – accurate preoperative evaluation. (45th Annual conference, IACVTS, Bhopal – 1999)
  10. Extensive Coronary Endarterectomy for Coronary artery bypass – a sound n& safe option. (45th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Bhopal – 1999)
  11. Minimally invasive & Off-Pump coronary artery bypass surgery – our experience (45th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Bhopal – 1999)
  12. Congenital Coronary Arteriovenous fistula with coronary artery disease – a case report. (45th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Bhopal – 1999)
  13. Minimally invasive Aortic valve replacement – our initial experience (45th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Bhopal – 1999)
  14. Coronary artery bypass surgery following coronary interventions (44th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Jaipur – 1998)
  15. Reoperations after heart valve surgeries. (44th, Annual Conference IACVTS, Jaipur – 1998)
  16. Aortic coronary artery bypass surgery without cardiopulmonary bypass. (43th Annual Conference IACVTS, Ooty– 1997)
  17. “Legs Technique” for ascending aorta composite grafts replacement. (43th Annual Conference IACVTS, Ooty– 1997) (43rd Annual Conference IACVTS New Delhi – 1996)
  18. experience of 1800 coronary surgeries without cardioplegia (42th Annual Conference IACVTS, New Delhi – 1996)
  19. Aortic valve replacement in the small aortic root. (42th, Annual conference, IACVTS, New Delhi – 1996)
  20. Mitral valve replacement with total chordal preservation. (41stAnnual Conference IACVTS, Bangalore – 1995).
  21. Experience of L.V. Aneurysmectomies. (41stAnnual Conference IACVTS, Bangalore – 1995).



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