Aortic Diseases

Aorta is main outlet artery from heart to supply blood to whole body. It can be involved in different disease pathologist such as Aortic atheroembolism, Aortic aneurysm, Aortic dissection, Peneterative aortic ulcer or Aortic intramural haematoma. Enlargement of aorta beyond 50% of normal size is defined as Aneurysm. Separation of inner layer of aorta (dual lumen) is called as aortic dissection & is a cardiovascular emergency associated with very high mortality if left untreated. At times atherosclerotic Plaque undergo ulceration & penetrate internal elastic lamina to from Penetrative aortic ulcer. Haematoma formation in aortic wall without ulcer is known as intramural haematoma.

Aortic diseases are caused by variety of reasons such as Degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, and infective diseases, traumatic or congenital disorders. Symptoms of aortic disease are quite variable & depend upon site of aortic involvement, extend of disease & rapidity of onset. Treatment of aortic disease can be Medical, surgical, endovascular or combination any therapy. Overall, ascending aorta & arch disease are treated more with surgical option while descending & abdominal aorta is more suitable for medical or endovascular treatment option. So it is imperative for patient to discuss the treatment options with the doctor



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